TEMPLE 2020 25mmRDA By Vaperz Cloud

  • We are pleased to bring back a blast from the past with this retake on the original Mini Temple RDA! This new take brings the classic into the current and modern vaping scene with updates on nearly every aspect of the atomizer! Sticking to it's roots with the classic 2 post deck design - each post brings you squared off 3mm post holes - this update gives all the room needed for exotic coils or large gauge wire builds. Where you will find the most differences to the original come to the airflow set up. Taking a page out of the Asgard RDA's book of tricks, it implements a chamber reducer which not only bumps the flavor given but also bring the airflow intake higher to give a top to bottom airflow set to fight potential leaking out of the air slots. It is a near guarantee to put a smile on the face of all original Temple RDA lovers - as we take a trip down memory lane together in bringing the Temple RDA - 2020 Edition!


    1x Metal Cap - 25mm diameter

    1x Acrylic Cap - 25mm diameter

    Quick release squonk pin with spare screws set in deck

    Two-post build deck deck

    6mm juice well

    Two 3mm X 3mm post holes

    Matching Acrylic heat sink

    Matching Acrylic airflow diffuser

    Matching Acrylic chamber reducer

    Locking top cap and rail system

    Spare screws and Orings